‚ÄčAir Corps Aerobatics provides not only an aerobatic routine for your airshow, but living history as well.

Air Corps Aerobatics

The Museum of the Forgotten Warrior is officially a 501(c)3 corporation.

More on how to help to come!  But the Museum will take over operation of the aircraft.

Been a busy summer and I haven't updated like I should.  Two more airshows left, listed below.  Meanwhile, we have basic rough-in water and electrical in the shop.  Soon we can move in, finally.  And I can finally find all my tools and parts!

We'll be at ICAS this year and looking to book the Museum a lots more shows.  The Stearman should have smoke and be available as part of the act. 

Meanwhile, airshows:

Cumberland KY 17 Sept 

Western Carolina 24 September